How To Use The Drip Follow Up Process


Network Marketing Tip – How To Use The Drip Follow Up Process

When it comes to following up with your prospects after you’ve shown them the business 1, 2, 3 or more months ago
learning how to use the drip follow up process will help you enroll more team members.

Think about how many presentations have been given by you and your team members in any one month period of time.  A lot, right!  If only 20-30% of those were enrolling then every month that goes by there are a lot of prospects that returned to their same life and habits each and every day. Maybe they are in a difference space. Maybe you thought of something you should have said differently or left out information that you did not know. There is a way to re-approach them – it’s called the Drip Follow Up Process. Dripping is the process of providing information on what is going on with your business in a non threatening and non “sales pitch” manner. Think of it as positive conversation.

This is how to use the drip follow up process to those prospects that said no, not now or even flat out no.  Create a 90 day system where you drip on your prospect with lots of information about what’s going on with your business.  The information includes but not limited to:

Information about your progress like when you added a new team member, just received a bonus check, went to a life-changing event or received some sort of recognition. If you won an incentive trip, share your success story with them and how you’ve been thinking about them and wanted to know how they are doing while you keep them up to date on what you’re doing. The drip can even be something about someone else that inspired you in some way so share a testimonial about that person in your company or on your team especially if the background of the person is similar to your prospects. 

You see sometimes your prospect is saying no because they want to see how you do first, not just about your success but how seriously committed you are to your new business.  When you learn how to use the drip follow up process, small bits of information about the industry, company awards, positive changes, new products and leadership shows that you are connected with a company that is moving and shaking. This causes your prospect to have you on their mind when things aren’t going as well as they had planned for their own situation.  You’ll be the first the reach out to. You have the solution. 

This business of Networking Marketing is amazing and if you will make a difference in areas you did not expect, it is not just about the product or service. It is also about you having experiences, hopes, dreams and growing to be a better person so that you can have the life you dreamed. All these unexpected rewards of the business along with the financial rewards come at different times or different people. But they these do manifest.

How to use the drip follow up process effectively is by being consistent with providing information and updates in all areas of your life and business.  Your growing positive lifestyle naturally enables you to moving many of your prospects that had no interest initially closer to saying a yes they want to enroll.

If this is something that is your style you could send your prospect a hand written thank you note for their time after they said no to your presentation will stick with them a long time. Less effective is an email or a text but you certainly can do that as well.  If you learn how to use the drip follow up process and teach it to your team members this follow up process imagine how many prospects can be turned around to take a second look at your business then your team will grow even more quickly. The drip process can radically increase your business so go back as far as you can no matter how long you’ve been in the business and begin dripping on those older prospects by reaching out to them.

You can start today by this drip follow up process by text, email, phone and by snail mail. If you don’t have their address to snail mail contact them to get their address and let them know you want to mail them something special even if it’s that thank you note initially. Later you may come across some type of company information, a small trinket from a trip you took or even a picture of you walking across stage to send them.

Watch this video on how to use the drip follow up process:

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This network marketing tip on how to use the drip follow up process will increase your business month over month if fully implemented. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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