How To Find New Prospects


Network Marketing Tip – How To Find New Prospects

You may have talked to just about everyone on your warm list about your opportunity and feel that you are close to running out of prospects to show
your business.  Anxiety is setting in.  No worries, here’s some tips on how to find new prospects anytime, really day or night.

You must change your mindset in order to learn how to find new prospects.  You’ve heard me say this before at one point in time the friends or best friend you have now was a stranger.  It took time before they became a friend or a trusted friend.  Keep that in mind as I show you how to find new prospects.

You should actively look to meet people who have similar interests as you. One underutilized place to find those who you can connect with is through social media. It’s very easy to find people on social media that have common interests. 

There are four major areas you should be focusing on as you build this new relationships:  Needs, Wants, Pains and Desires.

These four areas you automatically are doing now it comes naturally you may not have thought about it. Bring up your awareness in these areas now and things will change for you. When you meet someone pay careful attention as you listen to their life, their past, their future and where they are at now. There are several items you’re looking to discover.  What are your new friend/prospects needs, wants, pains, desires and how can you help them.  These are the four golden nuggets to learn about your new friend/prospect that will enable you to open the door to a new friendship and possibly share your business with them.  You may have the solution to one or more of those 4 needs. Shift your mindset and become aware and you’ll have a well qualified prospect.

Remove the recruiter's mindset of I have to enroll more people and replace it with I have to establish more relationships.  You can do this very easily on social media.  It’s a non intrusive way to build relationships without having to worry what someone thinks about you when you meet them in person.  So if you are the shy type, this can help you build relationships that you find difficult in a face to face situation.

I am not saying for you to forgo all face to face opportunities to develop relationships. I am saying add this to your daily routine. If you are a go getter, love to proactively go out there and make the first move to break the ice and talk with people face to face, then talk less and listen more. Listen for their needs, wants, pains and desires. Yes, answer their questions but make it short and turn it right around and ask them a question back that targets you learning more about their needs, wants, pains and desires. Don’t make it all about you.  This simple change will be key to mastering how to find new prospects.  

You can take this same mindset to social media. Now is the best time in the history of network marketing to prospect because of the power of social media.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to create new relationships and learn how to find new prospects that will grow both your personal friendships but also your business very quickly.

There are over 1.3 billion Facebook users around the world and hundreds of millions that are active ever week, even every day.  Engage in conversations on social media by commenting, liking and private messaging to find out more about people’s needs, wants, pains and desires. You’ll build relationships very quickly as you do this daily. Try it for 60 days.

Work on your face to face communication too. Start where you are comfortable. You can get out there and simply smile at people at the checkout line. That simple interaction creates a positive result which only builds your confidence and at some point you’ll have enough belief in yourself to start a conversation beyond the checkout line on the way to your car.  Then you will be on your way!

You never know unless you take action.  That’s how you learn to find new prospects.  Do it now, stretch and grow and you’ll be amazed how quickly new prospects will be available all around you.

Watch this video on how to find new prospects:

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This network marketing tip on how to find new prospects will increase your business month over month if fully implemented. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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