Role Play With Your Up Line


Network Marketing Tip – Role Play With Your Up Line

This is an extremely important tip -- you should role play with your up line or sponsor prior to talking to the very first prospect on your list.  It can
make or break
your initial top 10 contacts deciding to join with you in your business.

When you role play with your up line or sponsor you’ll get great insight as to the approach to take with your prospects.  Consider if you were to run a 50 million dollar company, who are the top 10 people you personally know that you’d want to be on your Board of Directors.

In no way am I saying you are not capable to talk with someone you already have an open communication with but this is a teachable and training moment. Right? You are teachable and trainable, right? You don’t know what you don’t know.

You should be thinking about Why you got involved. It may change as you understand yourself better. If you need help with putting your Why into a short to the point script that is where you upline or sponsor, can assist you.  Once you feel good about your story, the reason “Why” you saw an opportunity with the business and how it will impact your life going forward you will need to learn how to speak your Why in a short conversation with your prospect. Role playing will be critical.

Don’t contact anyone on your list until you have this initial approach nailed down.  It’s about building confidence and explaining something new or different in a way others can understand. Think of yourself as an actor or actress and how they have to practice role playing over and over until it’s time to perform on stage. This process is exactly the same except this is not a pretend life story this is your life it will be your future and where you will live. You should have the same mindset as a trained professional is getting the story exactly right.  Having this type of preparedness portrays that you are serious about your business.

When you role play with your up line or sponsor imagine yourself on stage.  Put yourself into character, change your tonality, remain calm, confident, you voice should fluctuate at different points during your quick invite to convey interest.  What you have to say is exciting isn’t it? When contacting your prospects you want to impact them in a way that you create urgency and curiosity so they will make the time for you to show them what you want to share with them.  This approach will dramatically increase  your show up rate to see your presentation.

Knowing your invite script is one of the big keys to master.  Invest your time in front of the mirror each day if your sponsor is not close to you and say your invite script over and over until it comes out naturally. The quicker you get your reason “Why” you are building this business down almost to the point where it makes you cry, then it will attract your prospects to want to know more about what you are doing.

You may not know this but Michael Jordan practiced more on his game off the court than almost anyone in basketball and the proof showed in his game.  This is game time for you so role play with your up line and get serious about your prospecting, contacting  and  inviting so that your show up rate increases and your team grows.

Duplicate this process of role playing with every new team member and watch the results. 

You can do this, I believe in you!

Watch this video role play with your up line:

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This network marketing tip role play with your up line will increase your business month over month if fully implemented. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

Did This Assist You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you comment below and if you find value then share this network marketing tip role play with your up line with your entire team.

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