About Ed Zimbardi


Living the Dream is easier with the right team players. Ed had the entrepreneurial bug early on. He was not afraid to work. His first job was a paper route at the age of 9 years old. Ed has the gift of a visionary and networker. He was able to see a business idea and associate with the right people to see his vision become reality. He is naturally encouraging. He believes in people because at times when he needed it people believed in him. Mentors in his life did make a difference. Now he is in a place in his life to be able to concentrate his efforts on building up others so they can reach their potential. Working through any platform whether in a group or individually he imparts his life experiences to fast track his clients.

Some of the most rewarding times over the years were those in the direct sales and personal development arena. Ed has formed lifetime relationships when he traveled around the world training others. Seeing the transformation of people whether it was during one of the two day workshops or through his personal coaching program gave him a sense of knowing this is why he was created.

Family has been the fire to keep Ed working toward his goal. His wife Brenda has worked by his side as his business partner for over 20 years. She has been his best friend, mother to their five kids and soul mate. Ed and Brenda independently are strong leaders with unique talents and together they complement each other. Ed and Brenda were involved with many traditional and direct sales companies over the years and build organizations with thousands of people worldwide. They never gave up on the dream to have a successful business. When one business idea failed they tried again. As they worked to stabilize a business for the long term, they adapted to changing business and personal dynamics in efforts to reach their goals. Working side by side as a married couple presents many life lessons. Many of those lessons were very energizing. While it would have been easy to give up their dream to have a successful business together at times, they found it much more rewarding to fight through and overcome any struggles they faced as entrepreneurs.

During the process of owning and operating multi-million dollar businesses they had many successes such as managing one of the largest internet product launches of its day, bringing one of their companies to the stock exchange, developing new concepts in selling Real Estate, designing personal development training products, creating and hosting life changing seminars just to name a few.

Ed & Brenda invite you learn more about how they assist you to reach your personal, business and lifelong goals. See if you are a good fit to work directly with them by clicking here.