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Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing recruiting is all about building relationships.  There are many ways of recruiting people into your Network Marketing business.  A common way to recruit is online. ThisEdZimbardi.com - network marketing recruiting process of recruiting people online can involve taking your prospect through what is referred to as a funnel system. Sometimes you can connect someone simply through a chat forum and then jump on the phone to enroll them.  The in-person methods work very well and for a couple of decades was the only way to build your Network Marketing business. Many millionaires have been made  using just the in-person method. The in-person methods are recruiting those you already know or meeting new people in your daily interactions. For example, you might meet someone at a party, a community event, one of your children's sporting or recreational events or even strike up a conversation with someone waiting in line at the grocery store. Depending on you and what you do the opportunities for meeting new people can be endless.

What I am going to focus on in this article is all about professional recruiting.  Developing this type of skill will produce long term team members or customers. Instead of short term which can wear you down and may even discourage you from recruiting. You don't need to recruit everyone you meet. Professional recruiting is about sifting and sorting through people who are either already on your personal and business contact list or someone that you have just met. You should have quality conversations with people to determine whether or not you want them on your team.  There's a qualification process when you are determining if someone is of good quality to enroll and recruit to your team. You are building a business take it from that position as a business owner looking for the right people.

Here is a great example of sorting and sifting with someone you have just met. Let’s say you are at a party where there are lots of guests that you do not know. When you arrive the host of the party greets you and then introduces you to a few people to break the ice. From there conversation begins.  Now the host goes back to greeting people and you are with new friends. What usually happens during those types of conversations are questions like  - What do you do for a living?  How long have you known the host?  Where are you from?  What places have you visited?

These are all initial relationship building questions that can lead to a second tier of questions that go a little deeper into that person’s interests and goals.  As you get to know someone through conversation both you and the other person start opening up about either the past or the future. This is the process of sorting and sifting. They may meet someone you would like to have on your team and they may be looking for something that you are offering. It could be a great fit for both of you but you're not going to show your business during this first encounter.  You're going to end up exchanging contact information. At minimum you just made a new friend.

If you've ever had a best friend I'm confident that they were not your best friend on the first day. In fact they were a stranger at first until the relationship progressed.  If the relationship went well you may eventually classify them as a best friend.

Now let us pick back up from the earlier example when you meet a new friend at the party and you exchanged contact information. Now what? Network Marketing recruiting is all about building relationships as they progress to the point where you learn about your prospects needs, wants, desires and pain.  Once those are uncovered in your conversation it makes its super simple to share more about what you do.  Each relationship will progress at different speeds. When the opportunity comes you can then set an appointment to show your business. Make an appointment and set aside a particular time to talk about your business. Tell them there is something you want to share with them. Tell them it is related to what you do in one of your businesses. This will send the message that you are serious about your business and that it is important enough to set an appointment.

There is an important key in sifting and sorting. Network Marketing recruiting is all about engaging people so you can learn more about them. It is also about servicing their need by listening more than talking at first.  This technique of listening more than talking enables your prospect to build trust and confidence along with a comfort level to open up and talk more. When they talk more about their life, where they've been and ultimately what their goals are for the future you will get excited if you discover that you have a solution. You will want to share.

Old school Network Marketing recruiting has always been about the 3 foot rule making contacts with people exchanging information inviting them to sit down to see your business.  And I have to tell you coming from that model it was very difficult back in the day.  Many people did it, I did it. But with the power of the Internet and social media, Network Marketing recruiting has become easier and faster than ever before.  You will still use sifting and sorting but it will be done online through chat and other online platforms. The exciting part is that you will be able to reach more people, from more places, faster!

The key to using the internet as a recruiting method is being consistent with making contact with people. When engaging in conversations make sure to provide some value along the way.  If you're with a company that is in more than one country you can use the power of Facebook for example to reach an audience.  Before the Facebook option, you would have to fly from country to country just to meet people at the possibility that they would be a good fit for your business.

Now is the best time ever to build your business.  Network Marketing recruiting can be easy if you apply the steps and pace yourself.  You will be able to have multitudes of people at different places in the sort and sift process. There's no need to rush conversations or push opportunity down your prospects throat.  Take the time necessary to build the right relationships and find those best suited for your business. Eliminate the addiction you had in the past about enrolling tons of people fast.

Just imagine, once you've mastered Network Marketing recruiting at this level and then you teach it to your team the positive effect this will have on your business’s growth.  I'm here to support you through the process.  Lean on my belief in you that you can do it and by all means contact me directly if I can be of assistance to you to become a professional recruiter.  Network Marketing recruiting can become natural and very rewarding.  You can do it, I believe in you!

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This network marketing recruiting tip is a strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at ed@edzimbardi.com and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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