Your Prospect Says They Heard About It Already


Network Marketing Tip – Your Prospect Says They Heard About It Already

As the company you represent becomes more established and sweeps across the country and then around the world, there is a good chance your

prospects say they heard about it already. Maybe they have even been presented the opportunity before. Here are some great tips to get your prospect to look at the business again.

It should fire you up when your prospect says they heard about it already because the first thing you should say is…

“Excellent, what was it you liked best about what you saw?”

Most likely the prospect does not recall all the details maybe even inaccurate information. If it was a while ago most likely things have changed with the company. Typically the prospect’s response is something nice they recall and then they say “but it wasn’t for me”.

This is what I say immediately…

“What specific part about the business wasn’t for you”?

This usually brings to my attention that they weren’t presented the business properly or possibly a change has occurred in the company. When your prospect says they heard about it already it makes it easier to enroll them as part of your team. You are positioned more professionally, there is familiarity and you already know their position. That puts you in a situation to be strong and confident as you handle their objections and questions.

Once you find out how long ago they were approached and especially if it’s been some time ago you should even get more excited because you are about to enroll a new team member!  My wife and I address their concern by simply stating the facts, which are…

“There is a big difference from when you were introduced to the business then right now”

If there was something negative going on with the company back then due to the companies learning curve, it really is no big deal because the company worked thru it. You can explain that and tell them the great news is they get to work with you and become part of a strong team. Tell your prospect how committed you are and where you are going. 

Share where you are going with the business that you are building a big team, be vulnerable by sharing why you are building the business.  Create a clear vision of what the team will look like and how they can be part of something big.

When your prospect says they heard about it already it could mean the other person didn’t follow up or by using the drip follow up process. The drip process is when you stay in touch with your prospect by keeping them up to date with what’s going on with your business.  It’s possible they are still in the same position they were when the opportunity was presented to them and they see you are having success.

The previous representative may not have found what needs, wants, pains and desires this prospect had in their life at the time.  Quite simply it could be that the person wasn’t ready to say yes. You can say to them…

“Because situations change in peoples’ lives and I do not know what information was provided the last time you heard about my company, but I did think enough about you and what the company offers now I really do believe it could solve the problem you are facing in your life now. I would appreciate just a little bit of your time to share exactly where this opportunity could help you with ____________ (fill in what their needs, wants, pains or desires are).

Keep in mind when your prospect says they heard about it already doesn’t mean that they are a NO a 2nd time.  It could be the other person didn’t handle their questions or objections properly or were weak when showing the plan.  Your company could have updated their compensation plan to make the opportunity even more attractive than ever.  Your company could have received some industry rewards, new powerful testimonials as well. Get to the root as to why they didn’t enroll. Make sure you include any changes to the company or new information.

You should get very excited when your prospect says they heard about it already because they might be ready this time! Make sure to uncover their wants, needs, pains and desires and answer their questions. Get ready there is a good chance you could be enrolling a new team member when your prospect says they heard about it already.

Watch this video: Your Prospect Says They Heard About It Already:

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This tip network marketing tip when your prospect says they heard about it already is strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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