How To Get Your Family Members Support In Your Business


Network Marketing Tip – How To Get Your Family Members Support In Your Business

How to get your family members support in your business may not be as difficult as you may think. You may have a spouse, children, parents or even
siblings that don’t support you in your business and you simply do not know what to do. Here are several ways to win their support.

First, understand they may not know as much as you about the opportunity. Share with them what you are looking to receive from the business long term.  Tell them that with the extra money you earn you will…(fill in the blank here).  Maybe you could be pay down bills, get a more reliable car, start putting money away for a child’s college education and maybe go on vacation. Let them know up front what they can realistically expect and when. It is better to down play a little, imagine the excitement when you exceed their expectations!

When you learn how to get your family members support in your business sometimes they get involved with you and start building with you. You should include them.  I remember when I first started I began with making goals and a bucket list. The bucket list was things that I wanted to do in my life, be able to acquire or places I wanted to visit. Then I asked my wife if she would share some of her goals and add to the bucket list.  She had hers and I had mine. We involved the kids to create some family bucket list items. Your bucket list will change we now have 5 children and 1 grandson and our bucket list looks different than when we started. Just get started with dreaming together.

Our kids wanted to go on a cruise, Disney World, fun and exciting places like most children.  We were able to get the kids support by including them on the dream building session; we talked about where we wanted to go as a family.  This instantly had the kids giving us space for us to do our presentations back in the day and they played in their rooms quietly without disrupting mom and dad or were willing to have a babysitter if we had to attend events. That was there part in working together as a team.

My wife was very eager to support anything new I wanted to become involved in. Our marriage added the dimension of business partners. There was a learning curve on balancing time in our business and spending quality family time. This was ever changing and adjustments were needed from time to time. When everyone understood they were going to receive a benefit to building the business there wasn’t any more tension about investing time in it. We were united.

There has to be give and take with your family members. Flat out ask them what is it you need to do to win their support, with that question they may say, “I support you”. For some it may not come that easy. If they say they support you and you feel maybe they really don’t then you can be truthful and say I get the feeling that you don’t support me and explain why.  Sometimes that opens up communication to the point where they now become conscious that they are visibly showing signs they disapprove and won’t do that any longer.

Map out a plan on the time that you will spend on the business, if they will help and how they can help, stay in communication. Share calendars and make sure they are aware of meetings or events. This is important with children so that their events are also recorded.  Letting them know they matter and that this is for all the families benefit can be key to getting their support. If you get real busy or have to miss something you wish you could have gone to then plan a surprise. It does not have to cost much it is your time and thoughtfulness that will keep peace which will allow you the time to focus on the business clearly and with support. We now do something once every quarter. There was a time when the kids got older my wife and I would get away from the business by ourselves for a few days which is also very important in building a family team. These special times renewed our energies and rewarded everyone for their efforts.

As you become a leader in your team you can also plan family team meetings or training sessions. We still do these types of meetings along with the adult type only meetings.

Once you get your family’s support share your story with your team.  You’ll be surprised how many more team members are having the same challenges as you.  This can break your team free so that they can get the additional support from their family that they desperately need. Most people who do this business are not all alone they have families, this business is about relationships. Your spouse, significant other, parents and children are important relationships that can grow together through business ownership. If they are willing to help share with them some areas you could use their help. Lean on each other’s gifts and talents. Maybe you can ask them to help with specific tasks that you know they would be good at.

When your family is on board building the business comes so much easier as the pressure is relieved and you can focus on building business connections and learning the business.  Do whatever it takes including these strategies to win your family’s support and you’ll be so much happier sharing the dream you are building with those who mean the most to you.

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This tip network marketing tip on how to get your family members support in your business is a mindset strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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