Can You Really Succeed In Network Marketing


Network Marketing Tip – Can You Really Succeed In Network Marketing

Can you really succeed in network marketing is a question that can be taken from both the customer and team member’s perspective. From the team
members perspective what they are really asking is have you been enrolling team members and building your residual income.  From the customer perspective they are asking if the product that you offer is easy to sell and are you making money. The answer is without a doubt and with the highest amount of certainty to both perspectives is, YES. The success for both perspectives comes down to the answer.

You could be with a company that is rock solid financially with incredible leadership, has the best paying compensation plan along with the most amazing products but at the end of the day it’s all on you and your ability to develop relationships.

The industry of network marketing (also known as Direct Sales) is all about relationships.  Do you have any relationships with people?  The answer is yes.  Do you establish new relationships from time to time as you go about your day/week/month? The answer is yes.

Ask yourself if you ever had or have a best friend right now.  I always get an answer YES.  In the beginning wasn’t that best friend a stranger?  Of course, the relationship took time to cultivate.  When I met my wife over 20+ years ago it started out at a network marketing meeting. We were from the start like minded.  We then spoke on the phone after the business meeting, started doing business together then it moved from business to personal to dating to marriage to having a family together. To this day we are business partners, we work together hand in hand on a daily basis.

Not only did that relationship turn out to be pretty awesome, many others over the years have become best friends and business partners.  You too can develop meaningful relationships.  My wife and I believe we can help more people than ever, working together using our gifts and talents to assist people to be successful in network marketing because we know how to build relationships and teach people to do the same.

The key is to allow time for relationships to grow. Some relationships take more time than others.  Without this desire it makes it harder to succeed in network marketing. Network Marketing is about needing each other.  Always remember this; you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. Some people are just ready to get started because they are looking, searching for something that can change their course in live and put them on the path to become successful.

So, can you really succeed in network marketing? Only if you are willing to be patient in cultivating relationships so you can learn people’s needs, wants, pains and desires.  Without learning more about your prospect it will be hard to offer them your product/service or make the decision to ask them to join your team. You want to build a team that will stick together, understanding your key team members will create success for everyone.

Nothing that lasts is ever built in a day. You must have the mindset to build your business over the next 2 to 5 years.  Now is the best time ever for the industry of network marketing!  You can start building new relationships in person and with social media. Social media is so dominate in our society you can start relationships with new people virtually all over the world simply by opening up conversations to learn more about them. Now, ask yourself can you really succeed in network marketing taking this approach and you will come up with the answer yes.  Explain this to your team members who come on board and get their commitment to build their business over the next 2 to 5 years so they can succeed as well.

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This tip network marketing tip on the topic can you really succeed in network marketing is a mindset strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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