Why Mentors Are Important


Network Marketing Tip – Why Mentors Are Important

Back in 1991, I met a gentleman in church who changed my life forever when I was introduced to the idea of mentorship.  The reason why
mentors are important is that they guide you through a time tested proven path so you don’t have to experience as much pain in the learning process. This is a much better way to go about building your network marketing business than doing it alone.

If you were completely honest with yourself most things you do are what you want to do and/or are comfortable doing.  If there is little risk you are more likely to try it then if there was greater risk. Most people get lazy in their network marketing business because they haven’t risked enough financially to cause them enough pain if they fail.

It’s critical to get a mentor. No matter if you are brand new to the business or have been in for a while. Even if you have been with several companies in the past a mentor can be a tremendous benefit.  Another reason why mentors are important is that they can help you build a customized strategy or plan to help you reach your financial goals. The experience of a mentor can get you their quicker.

Your goals may be that you want to break free from your job and spend more time with your family. Maybe you just want to upgrade your quality of life, donate more of your time to a charity or have more money to support a charity.  Whatever your goals are creating a plan with the help of a mentor will get you there strategically.

I believe another reason why mentors are important is they can hold you accountable to the plan. Once the plan is set your mentor will keep a close guard on your business each month so you can stay on track.  .  You should have regular calls or meetings with your mentor to tell them what you’ve been doing with your time as well as what you did or you didn’t accomplish.  You need encouragement from someone who’s cheering for you in your corner.

Going back to my early career in network marketing my mentor and I would be in his basement home office with a huge 4’x8’ white board mounted on his wall. On that wall he would draw out his goals for the month. From there he would break down what my goals for the month were so the plan would work.  We would further address the weekly and daily goals like how many presentations were needed which equated to the team growing. He showed me that by him helping me achieve my goals it was a big part of him achieving his.

We also reviewed the people on my team. We evaluated who was close to reaching a new rank or pin level, access the amount of business volume inside the team as well as pinpoint those team members who were eager to succeed.  My mentor and me after identifying those ready to grow their business would plan my time and he would assign me X time per these team members so my time was best spent and not wasted on those who I thought would be great to spend time with. His experience could identify best where my time should be spent otherwise my days would be used up with little results. All of these things we would draw out on a white board.

As I focused on helping each of my team members achieve their goals for the month it put the pieces in place for me to reach my goals which in turn assisted my mentor with his.  We all were one big team and we focused on each other’s business and the team naturally grew.  I realized early on how hard it was to build all by yourself with no experienced guidance that is why mentors are important.

My mentor became my friend but we also knew business was business.  At the end of the day I was responsible for my actions and business and he was for his.  This network marketing tip about why mentors are important laid the foundation for my business career and remains a cornerstone that I teach to anyone who is in the MLM industry.

Now is the best time ever to build a big business and reach whatever your financial and personal goals that you have. If you can’t find anyone in your upline that can assist you as a mentor, I’d like to extend an offer to work directly with you. I have worked with many representatives in several MLM companies in reaching their goals. 

Watch this video, Why Mentors Are Important:

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This tip network marketing tip, why mentors are important is another strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at ed@edzimbardi.com and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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