What Is At Stake If You Fail


Personal Development And Network Marketing Tips – What Is At Stake If You Fail?

I have trained thousands of people on the topic of what is at stake if you fail? The key is to find something so painful it moves you to be consistent
daily which gets you one step closer to reaching your goals. What is truly deep down inside you that will turn the switch on¸ the switch that drives you so you will do what it takes to be successful in your network marketing business?

You see, when you search deep down within yourself to find what it is that is so painful you will be unstoppable. Imagine that pain as if you were backed into a corner and let the consequences of failure be felt so deep in your heart that it becomes unthinkable that you could ever allow failure to happen.  Turn those thoughts into positive motivation so you to take action to reach your dreams.

I’m sure you’ve heard in other trainings and I’ve even mentioned it several times within my articles on my blog that you must ask yourself the reason why you are doing this business.  Yes, that is a critical element however follow it up by asking yourself what is at stake if you fail at the reason you are doing the business so it drives you daily.  When you make the consequences so dire it will move you to take positive action.

Make it real.  Make it so real it gets you emotional.  Emotion turns into motion which is the key here.  When you create some sort of potential negative results in your mind for not succeeding in your business you can easily replace it with something positive to take you where you want to be.

Some time ago, I was in a bad place in my life.  I got through it with the support of my family and friends.  I use that negative situation to motivate me daily.  I will never allow that situation to happen to me again. What I do daily moves me one step closer to achieving the reason why I’m building my business and away from the pain. I have to take daily action.  Sometimes I am not as motivated as others; I don’t feel like taking action.  I’m sure you have days like that also.  On those days you don’t feel like doing the action needed. Replace that feeling with the question of What Is At Stake If I Fail? The pain you have associated with failure will cause a stir in you to take the steps necessary to move you closer to your goals.

Your why is at stake if you fail. What is the fear deep inside?  Are you fine with living a life of mediocrity? Would you be happy if you couldn’t provide for your family?  Maybe you fear that you’ll never be able to afford to move out of the area you live? Could it be that you want to provide a better education for your children?  Maybe your fear is failing at your home based business and having to return to a job you hate.

Write the words, What Is At Stake If I Fail? on a sticky note and put it in areas of your house that you spend time the most time.  Maybe put one on the bathroom mirror, one on the door when you go to the restroom, in your dressing area or on your computer’s monitor.  How about put a sticky note on the dash of your car. Take a picture and make it your lock screen wallpaper on your phone.

The key is to ask yourself this question daily, What Is At Stake If I Fail? All day throughout the day and night let the pain sink deep down that it moves you to take action in your business every day.  Based on the results I’ve heard from people I’ve coached over the years this technique will drive you to be unstoppable. You will reach the small and big targets you will achieve the goals you have in your business.  When that happens, you can teach others on your team to do the same and watch how your business grows.

Watch this video, What Is At Stake If You Fail:

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This tip network marketing tip, what is at stake if you fail is another strategy to help you stay in the business long term. Send me an email at ed@edzimbardi.com and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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