Overcoming The Objection I Am Not A Salesperson


Network Marketing Tip – Overcoming The Objection I Am Not A Salesperson

Here’s a helpful tip on overcoming the objection I am not a sales person that will increase your closing ratio immediately and it involves a few key
that I’ll address.

First part of this tip is to turn their objection around by explaining that in fact we are all salespersons.  Here’s why.  If they have ever had any type of relationship at one point in time that person was a stranger.  They had to “sell” themselves in order to get the other person to believe that they were the one for them to take their relationship from being a stranger to something more.

Another example, ask your prospect if there was ever anytime in their life when they really wanted something. A job, a promotion, a raise are great examples. They had to present their point of view as to why they should have what they wanted. Ultimately someone else who held the key to what they wanted ended up saying yes or no.  Your prospect will always answer that question with a YES!

That classifies them as a salesperson.

Another way of overcoming the objection I am not a salesperson is to explain how you are sharing your business and not wanting to convince anyone who is happy with their job, schedule and retirement plans.  That for you this opportunity provided a way to add money, freedom and long term residual income.  You can them point out all the major benefits that you saw that got you really excited and wanted to tell others about it.  Sure, the end result could result in “a sale” either with your prospect ordering the product or getting involved with the business but that doesn’t make you a salesperson.

You can also point out this fact  - why is it when someone wants to buy something that the person offering it is not a sales person but when something new is offered then you become a sales person. Whether the buyer realizes or not they were sold somewhere along the way, example, buying only foreign or American cars, buying a certain brand, etc

Overcoming the objection I am not a salesperson is easily handled when you present the difference between sharing something you believe in instead of selling something you have to which a sales rep has to do to earn income.

Be strong and bold when taking this type of stand and your belief in what you are presenting will come across as sharing rather than selling every time.  This will work almost every time when overcoming the objection I am not a salesperson just apply it.

Just go back and think about your life and how many times you really wanted something and had to sell yourself to whomever in order to get what you wanted.  It was many times.  That is how you developed your first sales skills as a young person, like getting that new bike, video game or extra dessert.  Keep that in mind and have it be a trigger the next time you are put in a situation when you are overcoming the objection I am not a salesperson from your prospect.

You’ll be amazed at the results.  Role play and practice with your team members until it become a natural way of presenting it every time you are overcoming the objection I am not a salesperson.

Watch this video on overcoming the objection I am not a sales person:

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This network marketing tip about overcoming the objection I am not a sales person will increase your business month over month if fully implemented. Send me an email at ed@edzimbardi.com and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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