How To Be Coachable In Your Network Marketing Business


Network Marketing Tip - How To Be Coachable In Your Network Marketing Business

Check your EGO at the door then use this tip on how to be coachable in your Network Marketing business (also called MLM or Direct Sales)  and
you’ll see huge results over the next 30-90 days.  The speed of the leader is the speed of the group. Forget everything you’ve learned from traditional business and plug directly into your company’s system.

If you want huge results, blaze a trail by doing exactly what your upline/sponsor team support system has been doing for years that has produced results for members on your team.  In order for that to happen you must learn how to be coachable in your network marketing business.  The terms we use is coachable, teachable and trainable. Find one, you will need it in order to succeed in this business.

What is coachable, teachable and trainable?  These are the foundational techniques on how to be coachable in your network marketing business.  Each means slightly different things.  You must be coachable which means you need to be able to take constructive criticism as you work with your upline team members.  You must be teachable which means listening to instructions and absorbing all the information being presented to you.  You must be trainable which means you must apply the information and repeat it over and over so that it becomes second nature.

However, to really accelerate your business, take the next step and hire a mentor.  When you hire a mentor then accountability is now part of the equation.  That simply means you hold your mentor accountable to deliver what they have already achieved as far as techniques, information, application and implementation all the while they hold you accountable to implement. Most skilled mentors want you to succeed and simply do not accept you because you have your checkbook open. You must first learn how to be coachable in your network marketing business before they will take you on as a client. Otherwise failure will occur.

Lastly, stick to the process.  Don’t take all the valuable information and change it in any way you think it should be done.  Simply put, the great products of the world have recipes that work.  Business systems that produce big income earners in network marketing (also known as Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing) all stuck to a time tested proven system and didn’t change any part of it.

If your upline laughs at the same jokes told at meetings over and over, do the same.  If your upline sits a certain way at the events, do the same thing.  Emulate using your own charisma and style but don’t change the information or try different techniques you’ll end up failing hard.

If you plan on living the next 30 – 60 years isn’t it worth devoting 10% of your time right now to commit to the process and learn how to be coachable in your network marketing business so you can live the life you always dreamed of?  Of course it does, so what are you waiting for?  Learn now to be coachable in your network marketing business, hire a mentor and commit to the process and stick with it the next 24 – 60 months to be set free!  

Now you understand further on how to be coachable in your network marketing business. Soon you will get better at your game and your team will grow. When your prospect says YES to the opportunity get them started as you have been trained.

You want the answer to be YES but if it happens to be no, then consider it a “no, not now”.  Situations change circle back to them at a later date. End by saying –

Thank you for your time, I value your time and opinion. I am excited about what I am doing and since we are (friends, co workers, family), I am sure you will want to hear about my success as I want to hear about your successes and what you are doing in the future. Again thank you for your time.

Watch this video on How To Be Coachable In Your Network Marketing Business:

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This network marketing tip on how to be coachable in your Network Marketing business will increase your business month over month if applied correctly. Send me an email at and ask me any questions on how to execute this tip.

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